Optimo universal filling plates for alignment

Optimo is known all over the world as a manufacturer of alignment equipment, such as turntables, slideplates and ramps in premium quality.

This set consists of two filling plates that can be used to align difference in height between rear and front turntables/slideplates, when performing a wheel alignment.

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Universal usage

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Danish produced filling plates from the known brand Optimo. These filling plates fits perfectly with other Optimo products - such as turntables, slideplates, etc. - in height and width, giving a more smooth drive-on experience, and are often used in sets with rear slide plates and front turntables. 

The slideplates are designed to be used with additional Optimo products, but can be used stand alone or in a combination with other compatible products. They can be used directly on the floor, or on a 4-post lift.

Danish Quality

Optimo is known all over the world as a manufacturer of alignment equipment, such as turntables, slideplates and ramps in premium quality.

99% of all components is manufactured in Denmark. Assembling and quality control also takes place in Denmark, so you can be certain that your Optimo products is of the highest possible quality and finish.

The local production guarantees fast delivery and high flexibility in terms of finish, custom coloring, etc.

Do you have any question regarding any of our Optimo products, then don't hesitate to contact one of our sellers here today.

Personalize your equipment

Stenhøj DK offers Optimo products in optional RAL colors, so your new equipment matches the rest of the workshop.

The premium quality, danish crafts, unique optional coloring and short delivery times makes Optimo one of the preferred suppliers for alignment equipment all over the world.

Premium quality and long durability

99% of all parts are manufactured in Denmark. The remaining 1% is manufactured in EU. We never compromise when developing new products, which is your guarantee for the best and most durable product in the market. 

Heavy/rough usage in the workshops is taken into consideration every time a new product is being developed. This makes Optimo products extremely durable. All products are water, snow, salt and grease resistant. If you maintain your Optimo products well, you can expect them to last for decades.


Optimo offers different accesories for each product, so you can adapt your product according to your needs. This could be end-stops, ramps, etc.

Read more about compatible acessories in the bottom of the page. 


Material Stainless steel
Drive-on height 40 mm
Max load each 2.500 kg
Weight per unit 14 kg
Total weight 28 kg
Country of manufacturer
Color Raw/metal. Custom colors is offered with MOQ 10 pcs.
Dimensions 1.000 x 450 x 40 mm